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Updated Volunteers Page

We have a updated our Volunteers page with six new videos where our current most active volunteers share their thoughts. Please have a look and share! p5rn7vb

unfoldinghum Journal

Words from the Hum Archives

We were cleaning the office last night when we found some inspiring words written in an old Hut diary, quoted from a wise woman from Portugal. We’re finding here that even through the struggles beautiful things continue to unfold. (Click to enlarge)    

David&Goliath-apple Journal

Open Letter to Our Community: We Need Your Help

We are a community project which, in short, has brought a once derelict lifeless but beautiful heritage villa back to life using community volunteers and new Zealand business sponsorship for product. (Read more in ‘External Restoration Initiative‘)  It has taken blood, sweat and tears to get where we are now but we are succeeding.  The […]

2011-blacktree-hum-falling-apple Heritage Renovation Sponsors

Blacktree have done both Resource and Building Consent Drawings

Paul from Blacktree has been amazing.  He and his colleagues completed both our Resource and Building Consent Drawings. While the journey was long and arduous to get approval for our back decks, which were essential to making the Villa a workable space, where many may have given up but Paul continued steadfast and loyal to […]

Camelspace 1 Heritage Renovation Sponsors

Camelspace provide the Scaffolding for the Villa

Mick and Phil from Camelspace provided the scaffolding that surrounded the Heritage House during restoration.  They were one of our first sponsors and their faith in the project was a foundation stone to get us this far.  Interestingly Camelspace were also used to repair the Grafton Bridge.  A nice marry there. Absolute in their abilities […]