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Graham Chote Hum Art Gala 2014

Graham Chote Donates Three Art Pieces for the Upcoming Hum Art Gala 2014

Graham Chote (director of International Art Centre) donates three limited edition prints from his personal collection to be auctioned at our upcoming Hum Art Gala 2014. Thank you for your support, Graham!

thorntonauctions Facilities

Thornton Auctions Will Be Supplying Furnishings for the Villa and Hosting the Live Auction for Our Private Hum Art Gala 2014 on Saturday the 29th November

Thornton Auctions will be supplying furnishings for the villa in the future. They will also be hosting the live auction for our private Hum Art Gala 2014 on Saturday the 29th November. Thanks Tracey and Alex, you are awesome!

James Journal

Why Do We Need Hum?

m4s0n501 We’ve given a chance to our volunteers to express their commitment towards the project. Next, we set out to ask our immediate community, our neighbours, our regulars, people who use the space: ‘Why do we need Hum?’ Here are the first nine videos of the series. Enjoy.

1504233_866121620074264_75417210165523948_o Events

#SaveHum Fundraiser

Despite the rainy day we had an great backyard event on Saturday the 18th October. There was an awesome lineup of talented musicians playing their hearts out and people dancing in the rain while the fire pit was lit and hot dogs were served with Hum-grown lettuce. Thanks to all who participated on this historic […]