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Sunday Fire Jam, 12 Oct 2014 Events

Sunday Fire Jam

What a beautiful night with such beautiful people! A stunning way to begin the week ahead of serious fund raising to reach our goal of $80,000 by the 24th October! Please have a look at our donation page to find out more. Use #savehum on Facebook and Twitter.

IMG_0823 Journal

ENLACES congregate at Hum

ENLACES (Latin America Uni club) used the Lounge room to celebrate a friend’s birthday, to play beautiful music and share stories. We really much enjoyed having them stay. Muchas gracias! Adiós!

img_0775 Maintenance

Lynfield Chainsaws and Mowers donate a lawnmower and maintain it

Ian from Lynfield Chainsaws and Mowers donated us a great Lawnmower and have kept it maintained throughout our journey. The lawnmower has been in heavy use and despite it being totally wrecked at times, Lynfield Chainsaws and Mowers have come to the rescue and basically built us a new mower in no time! Thanks Lynfield […]

happy-fathers-day-from-hum Journal

Happy Father’s Day

Rosy, Oskari and Lil Lion wish Happy Father’s Day from Hum!

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House Music Hits Hum: Elysia, Evan Sinton & Stormporter

Evan Sinton – “Swinging Punches” Have a look at these awesome shots from the House Music event. Lovely photos, great music, beautiful people! Photos by Georgia Schofield. m4s0n501